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Order The Best Cakes In Lagos Online

All our cakes are baked with amazing recipes and precision, ensuring you enjoy every bite and savor every taste.

When you order yours online, we process it very quickly and send your batter straight into the oven for an amazing experience.

We deliver same day or next day to give you fresh cakes at your doorstep.

Delivery is free to many parts of Lagos.

Vanilla 8-Inch Cake ₦9,000

Tasty 8-inch vanilla cake ideal for birthdays and anniversaries.

Chocolate 8-Inch Cake ₦10,000

Beautiful and well-baked chocolate cake that melts in your mouth.

Red-Velvet 8-Inch Cake ₦11,000

This is our unique and best-selling red-velvet cake that can be used for any celebration.

vanilla cupcakes

Box of 12 Vanilla Cupcakes ₦7,000

Moist vanilla cupcakes drizzled with salted caramel.

chocolate cupcakes

Box of 12 Chocolate Cupcakes ₦8,000

Evenly baked moist chocolate cupcakes topped with crispy biscuits and wafers.

red velvet cupcakes

Box of 12 Red-Velvet Cupcakes ₦9,000

Delicious, pretty and awesome red-velvet cakes that melts in your mouth.

"The cakes are awesome! If you haven't tasted some, you should order right now, good service too. You can just taste the love in those cakes. Thumbs up."
Hira Mibwala
Magodo, Lagos

Our 4 Step Process

Select Your Cake

Call us to choose from our range of cupcakes and 8-inch cakes

Enter Delivery Details

Quickly tell us were you want your cake delivered

Make Your Payment

Pay through bank transfer or our secure online platform

Enjoy Your Cake

We will deliver your cake to your exact location in a short time

Free Fireworks For Every Celebration

To make your celebration more iconic, we deliver you free fireworks that can be mounted on your cake.

How Do I order?

To order, simply call us to choose your desired cake.

We will then ask for your details and where you want us to deliver your cake.

After this, make your payment and we’ll send the cake down to you.

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

Delivery is completely free to many parts of Lagos. Some areas that are not central may attract a delivery fee.

Yes you can also track your order on the go. Simply call our hotline: 09028886690 to find out where your cake is. 

We ensure your cake is delivered fresh and undamaged.

Every Where In Lagos

Our office is located in Isheri-North but we deliver to most towns in the state, from Ikorodu to Lekki. All you need to do is place your order, and we will get your cake(s) to your doorstep